Computer Lab

Fatehganj West INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CENTER has the latest facilities to familiarize students in using computers. Specialist
teaching is offered to students of Computer Science.

Computer education begins from class I. This is to enable the child to become familiar and develop IT skills quickly.
The school encourages the use of computers by students to help in the acquisition and application of knowledge from
the very beginning. The entire system is networked which enables students to unlimited use of the computers and the
internet. Computer aided learning and teaching is used in all classes.


A large spacious library or Learning Resource Center equipped with computers will be used extensively to inculcate the habit of reading.

The LRC will be the focus of all self- learning .It will contain over 5,000 books and a wide variety of magazines and periodicals. It will be computerized, equipped with CD-ROM workstation, printers and a photocopier to facilitate the work of students.



We have efficiently equipped Laboratories for teaching Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Social Science which helps to introduce the students to projects at the primary and middle school level.


Physical activities play an essential role in the holistic development of students. It not only keeps them fit but fosters to their physical, social and emotional health. We, offer a variety of physical and mental activities for a healthy young mind and body including yoga, athletics, team sports, adventure sports and chess.

Large open spaces are available for children to play outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton etc .

Playing equipments like Swings, Jungle Gym, See-saw, Slide, Rockers, Sand Pit, Frisbees, and Skipping Rope are in ample for the younger children to play. A  athletics track, tennis court, Basketball Courts and Volleyball Courts will make up the additional sports facilities in the future.